Sport Physicals

We specialize in helping athletes of all ages get their required pre-participation sports exams. I am trained to meet all athletic medical exam rules. Sports physicals are required for participation in school sports, but the exams also serve another benefit that goes beyond the immediate requirements. Sports physicals can help athletes benchmark their current physical condition so that they can improve their fitness and remain healthy throughout the season. Some athletes use their medical health exam to customize a sports health program that includes fitness and nutrition.

That's why we offer more than a simple check-up. We can help athletes detect a wide range of medical issues the athlete might otherwise not know about. A sports physical is an opportunity to address any concerns or questions that the athlete may have and get quick medical answers.

The biggest reason that sports physicals are required for most schools is that young athletes have a higher risk of encountering unexpected physical problems that can lead to injury or even a catastrophic health issue. Sports physicals are designed to help identify risk factors for coaches and athlete. We may be aware of conditions such as asthma or diabetes, but an annual pre-participation sports physical will give us greater insight for athletes so that they have the safest environment for play.

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