Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

Once we hit the age of 40 (in some cases 30 years of age), we begin to experience a noticeable imbalance in our hormones. We may experience an additional decline of hormones as we grow older from the exposure to toxins found in the environment and our diets. Keeping our hormone levels balanced is vital for ongoing optimal health and wellness. If you have been evaluated and diagnosed to have a hormone imbalance that requires regular care and monitoring, then call on us to help. We offer highly trained health care practitioners and comprehensive lab testing to help you maintain a personalized treatment plan.

Are you a candidate for hormone therapy?

How do you know if you need Bioidentical Hormone Therapy? There are literally hundreds of hormone-related factors that contribute to physical conditions that can lead to discomfort and disease. Many of these conditions can occur at any point in your life (hint: hormone imbalance is not always age-related).

The most common health problems that often require hormone therapy:

Hormone imbalance can also trigger other conditions that may not be closely defined as "hormone-related." For instance, you may experience:

Remember that these are conditions that can occur later in life or at any other time. Do you have any of these symptoms? Have they begun to affect your quality of life and cause other undesired changes? Then you could be a candidate for bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

For both men and women, the good news is that hormone imbalances are not only easily correctable, the therapies are also affordable. Call for an appointment, and we'll take you through a state-of-the-art diagnostic process that can determine your present hormone levels and your unique bioidentical hormone needs.

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